Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pocket Letters

Pocket Letter - Fall Theme - Front Side

I have collected so many stamping and paper crafting supplies over the last ten plus years ... I have gone through phases where I purged a lot of my materials. Many times I donated items to non-profits or I sold off items on eBay. And, while it is always nice to make room in my craft space by getting rid of items - it is much more fun to use up my craft stash creating things.

Pocket Letter - Fall Theme - Back Side

Imagine my surprise when I came across a small ad in a craft magazine for a site called Pocket Letter Pals ... before I knew it I was filling these mini-pockets of a 9 x 9 sheet. It is a fun new way to enjoy the world of pen pals. I want to help preserve the art of writing letters and the joy of receiving a card or letter in your mailbox from someone. Pocket Letters are an extension of the ever popular Project Life - which is a great way to easily scrapbook utilizing plastic pockets placed in a three ring binder. Pocket Letters was started by Janette Lane as a new way to correspond with pen pals. The trend caught on and now there are Facebook Groups and Swaps dedicated to this new hobby. There are many ways of creating a Pocket Letter - I follow the more traditional decorated front pockets and back of pockets filled with items to share with your pen pal/swap partner. Of course, a letter is always included.

Hoping to post a tutorial soon on how I go about creating what goes inside the pockets. In the meantime - take a look on YouTube there are tons of videos with lots of super creative takes on this craft.